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How I Help

I offer support to you, or professional care oversight to your loved one. My job is to help you manage the overwhelm associated with supporting a family member in need of care, while also serving them as a reliable and consistent ally.

Supporting your loved one as their companion and mediator is less intrusive and helps them feel supported, cared for, and independent while simultaneously allowing me to track the evolving reality of their needs, emotionally and physically. 

I bring a professional perspective and years of experience to offer guidance and serve as an on-the-ground support and repository of resources for family members who want to make sure their loved ones are receiving the most appropriate and supportive care for where they are at in their lives.

I also serve as an experienced coach and confidant for the family as they navigate the changing terrain for their loved one’s needs. I can connect the dots in their family member’s overall care with what’s actually showing up day-to-day, and how to make choices about how to create the best environment and care within the means available.

How I Help: About
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